After years of exploring a multitude of creative avenues, it has come to pass that working in three-dimensional space is where I can most confidently bridge my skills, talent and deep desire to connect to the human story. It is through our environment and the spaces we keep that we can find true peace of mind, refuge and solace.

My motivation to do this work lies in my earnest belief in the collective power of space and beauty and the way in which it influences our lives. There is no question that space can inspire or impair us, that mindful decoration or thoughtful design can change the landscape of our experiences. Visual storytelling has immeasurable reach, the ability to affect lives and history, to provoke change globally or emotionally, or to simply offer a small dose of pleasure to an anonymous passerby.

This has been my own personal discovery which I continue to investigate wholeheartedly.

My approach is simple: listen, observe, brainstorm, create.  

In September 2017 I made the brave decision to go back to school to study Interior Decorating. I have completed one of two years (finishing both terms on the Dean's Honour List).

What a wonderful decision it has been.